About Ktown Custom Auto

At Ktown Custom Auto, you'll see first hand the passion that energizes the shop.  From the stories of the cars that spent time there, to the challenging and innovative projects at hand, there's no shortage or excitement that goes on.

Kevin Dunnebacke, Owner of Ktown Custom Auto,  received his journeyman's ticket in 1998 under the apprenticeship of Frank Lamb. Shortly after, Kevin went out on his own and was restoring all makes and models of vehicles.  10 years ago he found his way to the East Kootenays and since opened the doors of Ktown Custom Auto in May 2016.

Kevin has been specializing in custom rebuilds for close to 20 years, specializing in hot rods and classics.  Workmanship and quality parts are highly valued here.  But Ktown isn't just a restoration shop, anything that runs is celebrated and welcomed.

See for yourself, what Ktown Custom Auto can do for you!


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